About Me

My name is Anna Carruthers or ‘The Nail Art Girl’.

For me, nail art is all about expressing my love of, or interest in, a subject. It could be a book I can’t put down, a podcast I’ve got on repeat or a musical soundtrack that I just can’t get out of my head.

Occasionally, I will create a series of closely linked designs. Take the example of my Brexit/Brexitcast series. As someone with a keen interest in politics, I have of course been following the entire Brexit process closely and my trusted guide throughout has been the BBC podcast turned TV show, ‘Brexitcast’. Luckily for me, the Brexitcast team became fans of my unique designs and as a result, I have had some incredible opportunities to bring my nail art to a bigger audience.

Freehand nail art is my preferred style, though I am keen to experiment further with techniques like stamping, water marbling and gradient masks.

When I’m not painting my nails, you’ll find me on an ice rink somewhere curling or curled up with a good history book.

Please free to contact me on Twitter if you have any suggestions or requests.